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Volume I

  1. Ways to Catch a Thief
  2. Cheaters Never Prosper
  3. Causing Injury To Protect Your Property
  4. Time Is Money
  5. Confiscating Student's Possessions As A Disciplinary Method
  6. Liability For Bad Advice
  7. Amateur Real Estate Agents
  8. When An Agent Is Not An Agent
  9. Signing Releases On Defective Goods
  10. The Halachos Of Lending Money
  11. Elections According To Halacha
  12. Uncashed Checks
  13. Removing Donated Items From A Synagogue
  14. Repaying Money Mistakenly Taken
  15. Lost and Found Advertisements
  16. Surplus Charity Funds
  17. Liability For Causing Added Expense
  18. A Borrowers Obligation To Repay
  19. Travel Allowance
  20. Items Left In Public Areas
  21. A Child's Responsibility For A Parent's Debt
  22. Parental Responsibility For A Child's Purchase
  23. Expense To Pay A Wage
  24. Unintentional Damages
  25. Appointing An Agent For Hataras Nedarim (Annulment Of Vows)
  26. Liability Of A Gabbai (Synagogue Officer)
  27. "Kim Li!"
  28. Damage As A Result Of Negligence
  29. "Save Me A Seat!"
  30. Your Rights In Bais Din
  31. Insurance Fraud
  32. "Whose Is It?"
  33. Purchasing Stolen Goods
  34. Liability Of A Sho'el (Borrower)
  35. Advising A Customer At The Expense Of A Merchant
  36. Competition and Free Entry
  37. Deducting Expenses From Our Maaser Obligation
  38. Rabbinic Attorneys
  39. Coveting Another Person's Property

Volume II

  1. Investing Wisely
  2. "And The Winner Is ...???
  3. Paying A Workman's Wages
  4. Money Extracted From A Vending Machine
  5. A Silversmith's Liability For Theft
  6. Public Use Of Private Property
  7. The Fake Wedding Ring
  8. Purchasing Defective Goods
  9. Neighborly Lending
  10. Community Service
  11. Liability Of A Minor
  12. Peshara / Compromise In Bais Din
  13. Majority Rule
  14. An Expert Opinion
  15. Halachic Obligations Of A Landlord
  16. Payment For Saving A Life
  17. Invasion Of Privacy
  18. Using An Employer's Property And Time
  19. Taking Turns
  20. Customer Incentives
  21. Using Another's Property Without Permission
  22. Exempting Yourself At The Expense Of Others
  23. Midas S'dom / Traits Of The Sodomites
  24. Non-Competition Agreements
  25. Medical Malpractice In Halacha
  26. "Close the Window!"
  27. Baal Tashchis / Not To waste Our Belongings
  28. Saving Yourself At Your Friend's Expense
  29. Damaging A Merchant: Retail Or Wholesale?
  30. Geneivas Da'as - Misleading Others
  31. Truth In Advertising
  32. Price Shopping With No Intent To Buy
  33. Halachic Ramifications Of A Signature
  34. Halachic Ramifications Of A Handshake
  35. Ani HaMehapech B'Charara" - Tortious Interference

Volume III

  1. Mekach Ta'os / An Erroneous Sale
  2. Lotteries And Raffles
  3. Postponing A Raffle Drawing
  4. Lottery For life
  5. A Matchmaker's Fee
  6. Breaking And Entering
  7. "Don't Be A Litterbug!"
  8. Payment For Damages
  9. Traffic Laws
  10. Ticketing The Driver
  11. Maaser: The Torah's Prescription For Wealth
    11a.Maaser *Special Issue*
  12. Distribution Of Maaser Funds
  13. Income Liable To Maaser
  14. Deducting Debts From Maaser
  15. Maaser *Special Issue* II
  16. "Yissachar - Zevulun" Arrangements
  17. Financial Reports For Communal Organizations
  18. Verbal Commitments by Community Officials
  19. Fair Profits and Measurements
  20. Returning Defective Merchandise
  21. The Switched Shopping Bags
  22. Gifts To Minors

Volume IV

  • Lending Money the Halachic Way
  • Collecting Debts the Halachic Way
  • Repossession in Halacha
  • Corporate Debt In Halacha
  • Shemitah of Debts

    Other classes by Rabbi Aaron Tendler:

  • Pesach I : Mitzvah Of "Vehigadita L'Binchoh"Retelling The Story Of Exodus
  • Pesach I : Pesach: Payment For Damages

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