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Table of Contents

  • Siman 11. The Laws of Tzitzis The Laws of the Tzitzis Strings
  • Siman 12. Things that Invalidate Tzitzis
  • Siman 13. The Laws of Tzitzis on Shabbos
  • Siman 15. Whether to Transfer Tzitzis from Garment to Garment and the Law of a Ripped Talis
  • Siman 17. Who is required to Wear Tzitzis.
  • Siman 19. The correct time for [reciting the] Blessing over the Tzitzis
  • Siman 20. The Laws of buying and selling a Tallis
  • Siman 22.
  • Siman 23. Laws of Tzitzis in a Cemetery
  • Siman 24. The Manner of Wearing the Tzitzis and its Reward and Punishment
  • Siman 25. Hilchot Tefillin The Laws of Tefillin in Detail
  • Siman 26. The Law For Someone Who Has Only One "Tifila."
  • Siman 28. The Laws of taking off the Tefillin
  • Siman 29.
  • Siman 30. The Time for Laying T'fillin
  • Siman 31. The Laws of Tefillin on Shabbos & Yom Tov
  • Siman 32. The Procedure of Writing Tefillin
  • Siman 33. The Laws of repairing Tefillin and tlaws of the straps
  • Siman 34. The Order of the Parashiyot* in the Tfillin, and the M'hadrim* who Have 2 Pairs of Tfillin
  • Siman 35. The Law Concerning the Number of Lines (in the Torah Passages of Tefilin)
  • Siman 36. The Exact Details of Writing the [Tefillin]
  • Siman 37. The Time for putting on Tefilin
  • Siman 38. Laws of Obligation in the Mitzva of Tefillin
  • Siman 39. The Law as to who is Obligated in Tefillin, vs. Those who are Exempt
  • Siman 39. Which people are fit to write Tefilin and from whom one may purchase them
  • Siman 40. The Laws of How to Treat Tefillin in Holiness
  • Siman 41. The Law of One Who Bears a Burden - How He Should Behave with Tfilin
  • Siman 42. Whether It is Permitted to Change Hand-Tfillin to Head-Tfillin
  • Siman 43. The laws of tefillin when entering a bathroom (cont.)
  • Siman 44. The prohibition on Sleeping while wearing Tefillin.
  • Siman 45. The Laws of Tefillin in a graveyard and bathhouse
  • Siman 46. The Laws of the Morning Blessings
  • Siman 47. Laws Concerning the Blessings for Learning Torah
  • Siman 47. The Laws of Blessing on the Torah
  • Siman 50. The Reason that We Say the Mishnah "Eyzehu Mkoman [What is the place...]"
  • Siman 51. The Laws of Prayer from "Baruch She'amar" to "Yishtabach"
  • Siman 52. The law regarding one who waited to come to the Synagogue until [they were already saying] "Yishtabach."
  • Siman 58. The Laws of Reading the Shema and its Blessings
  • Siman 58. Laws of Recitation of the Shema
  • Siman 59. The Laws of the first blessing, "who created..."
  • Siman 60. The laws of the blessings for Shema, and whether proper intentions are required
  • Siman 61. The law concerning precision and concentration while reading the Shema.
  • Siman 62. One who did not pronounce the Shema properly or did not read it audibly.
  • Siman 63. To sit while reading Shema, and not to sleep
  • Siman 64. Laws Concerning One Who Makes a Mistake in the Reading of the Shema
  • Siman 65. One Who Comes to Shul and Finds the Congregation Saying Shema, or One Who Stops in the Middle of Shema.
  • Siman 66. In which place may one interrupt [one's reading of the Shema] and in which place may one not interrupt
  • Siman 67. When in doubt whether one has read the Shema
  • Siman 68. That one should not interrupt the blessings of the Shema with Piyutim [liturgical poems]
  • Siman 70. Who is exempt from reading the Shema.
  • Siman 71. A mourner and those involved with the deceased are exempt from reading the Shema (cont'd).
  • Siman 73. How one who sleeps with his wife and children should act
  • Siman 75. One should be careful about [a woman's] uncovered hair and a woman's [singing] voice when reading the Shema, and also not to read it in the presence of nakedness.
  • Siman 76. To Be Careful of Excrement While Saying the Shema
  • Siman 79. One who comes across excrement when reading the Shema (continued)
  • Siman 89. The Laws of Prayer and Their Proper Time
  • Siman 90. The appropriate place for praying with a congregation, and the Laws of someone going on a journey
  • Siman 100. One must prepare the prayers for holidays
  • Siman 101. One must concentrate upon all of the blessings, and one can pray in any language.
  • Siman 102. One should not stop opposite one who is praying [Shmoneh Esrei].
  • Siman 102. Not to interrupt someone who is praying
  • Siman 103. Someone who needs to flatulate in the middle of praying
  • Siman 104. Concerning the prohibition against interrupting the Amidah [Silent Prayer]
  • Siman 105. The law of a person who is praying two Amidos [Silent Prayers]
  • Siman 106. Who is exempt from [the requirement of] Prayer
  • Siman 107. One who is in doubt if he said the Amidah and the Law regarding voluntary prayer.
  • Siman 108. The Laws of Prayer One Who Didn't Pray Because Of Error, Unavoidable Circumstances, or Deliberately.
  • Siman 109. The law of how a person should conduct himself so that his silent Amidah coincides with that of the congregation.
  • Siman 110. What workers, travellers and one who enters a Beis Hamedrash should pray
  • Siman 111. The Law of the juxtaposition of the Redemption to the Amidah
  • Siman 112. Not interrupting in the first three or final three blessings of the Amidah
  • Siman 113. The Deferential Bowing During the Shmoneh Esrei
  • Siman 114. The law of mentioning the wind, rain, and dew.



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