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List of Cholim - (the sick) In Need Of Our Prayers

For complete instructions, including how to submit or remove names and changes to this list, access the Cholim Page or send the information to or

Please keep this list up-to-date. All submissions, updates, and removals from the list should be sent to the list address, by 5:00 pm Israel time on Wednesday in order to be included in this week's listing. All names remain on this list, unless otherwise updated, until the last Wednesday of each Jewish month. On the first of the month, the list is erased and all names that are to remain on the list need to be updated by the first Wednesday of the Jewish month at the deadline time.

Please include all or some of the following in your tefillos (prayers):

Aharon ben Jana (terrorist victim in Israel)
Aharon ben Miriam
Aharon ben Rachel Esther
Aharon Avraham ben Fayge
Aharon Dovid ben Rachel (terrorist victim in Israel)
Akiva ben Chana
Akiva Simcha ben Rachel Leah Rodel
Alon Kalev ben Sara
Amitai Bar Or ben Sara
Arash ben Nasrin
Ariel ben Shoshana
Aryeh Chaim ben Chana
Aryeh Leib ben Chaya Frumit
Avidan ben Sara
Avraham ben Esther
Avraham ben Sara (terrorist victim in Israel)
Avraham halevi ben Chaya
Avraham halevi ben Zelda Bracha
Avraham Tomer ben Miriam
Avraham Yisrael ben Chaya Bruria
Avraham Yitzchak ben Hinda
Avraham Yosef ben Buna Bayla
Baruch ben Chaika
Baruch ben Sara Chasha
Ben-Zion Bendit ben Bashi
Berel ben Perel
Betzalel ben Frayda Hinda
Binyamin ben Chana
Casiel ben Bluma
Chaim ben Pessa
Chaim ben Tamar
Chaim ben Tova
Chaim Feivel Shepsel ben Chaya Sara
Chaim Mordechai ben Chana
Chaim Nosson ben Esther
Chaim Ozer ben Malka Breindel
Chaim Pesach Leib ben Fayge
Chaim Reuven hakohen ben Fayge Matla
Chaim Shlomo ben Chaya Leah
Chaim Yaakov Mordechai ben Ahuva Livsha
Chaim Zavel ben Sara Shayna
Daniel Ephraim ben Chana Devorah
Daniel Yochanan hakohen ben Rut
Dov Ber ben Kayla
Dovid ben Bessla
Dovid ben Blima
Dovid ben Gittel
Dovid ben Sara Imeinu
Dovid ben Shoshana Maila
Dovid Dov ben Yael
Dovid Yehuda ben Zissa Metuka
Dovid Yochanan halevi ben Chemda Penina
Dvir Dovid ben Sylvia
Elchanan Dovid ben Esther Kayla
Elie ben Riva
Eliezer ben Fruma
Eliezer ben Raichel
Eliezer Laizer bat Lydia
Elishev ben Shulamit (terrorist victim in Israel)
Eliyahu ben Sara
Eliyahu ben Simcha
Eliyahu Eliezer ben Shayna
Ephraim Aryeh ben Sara Rina
Gad ben Sara
Haviv ben Zamroda
Henech Chaim ben Rachel
Kamiel ben Mireille
Leibish Ephraim ben Zlata
Meir ben Shaba
Meir Chaim ben Miriam
Menachem Mendel ben Malka
Michael Yosef ben Devorah
Mordechai ben Matil
Mordechai Binyamin ben Raizel Esther
Mordechai Dovid ben Batya
Mordechai Dovid ben Chaya
Mordechai Elimelech ben Esther (terrorist victim in Israel)
Mordechai Moshe Yisrael ben Leah
Moshe Getzel ben Aharona Esther
Moshe Yisrael Mordechai ben Leah
Moshe Yitzchak ben Bluma
Nachum Leib ben Zissel
Natan halevi ben Rachel
Nissan ben Leah
Nissan ben Pessa
Nissim ben Chaya
Nissim ben Sulika (harav)
Noach Avraham ben Faila
Noach Moshe hakohen ben Leah
Noach Yehuda Aryeh ben Yehudit Ariella
Noam Nachum ben Zehava
Pesach ben Bracha
Pesach ben Shaindy
Pinchas ben Miriam
Ran ben Rut
Raphael ben Sara
Raphael Yitzchak ben Lina
Reuven ben Masha
Reuven Yerachmiel ben Chana
Shalom ben Chaya Tzivia
Shalom Baruch ben Mashi
Shaul Chaim ben Ahuva Aviva
Shaul Chanoch Nachum Zelig ben Barbara Ellen
Shaul Yechezkel ben Rachel Sara
Shleima ben Buna Bayla
Shlomo ben Shlomit (terrorist victim in Israel)
Shlomo Aryeh ben Raizel
Shlomo Chananya ben Yocheved
Shlomo Yoel ben Chaya Leah
Shmuel ben Sara (terrorist victim in Israel)
Shraga Feivel ben Sirka
Simcha Natan ben Gitsha
Simcha Yehoshua ben Bayla
Tinok ben Rachel
Tzvi Aryeh ben Roiza
Yaakov ben Henya
Yaakov ben Leah
Yaakov ben Raiza
Yaakov ben Sara
Yaakov ben Yafa
Yaakov Elazar ben Zlata
Yaakov Lev ben Leah
Yaakov Mordechai ben Fayge Shaindel
Yechezkel ben Chofshi
Yehoshua Betzalel halevi ben Frima
Yehoshua Hillel ben Rivka Tzipora
Yehoshua Zvi ben Shifra
Yehuda ben Chaya Esther
Yehuda ben Leah
Yehuda Baruch ben Sara Menucha
Yehuda Herzl ben Chana (harav)
Yehuda Yaakov ben Rachel
Yerachmiel ben Miriam
Yerucham hakohen ben Michla
Yerucham Shmuel ben Dina
Yisrael ben Tzipora
Yisrael Chaim ben Zarif
Yisrael Dov ben Blima
Yisrael Getzel ben Esther
Yisrael Tzvi ben Noga (Kfar Darom bus bombing)
Yitzchak ben Falluh
Yitzchak ben Rachel
Yonatan ben Malka (Jonathan Pollard)
Yonatan Avraham ben Shaindel
Yori Anshel Menachem ben Yonah
Yosef ben Esther (terrorist victim in Israel)
Yosef ben Pesha
Yosef Chaim ben Soolika (terrorism victim in Israel)
Yosef Ichai ben Miriam
Zalman ben Yetta
Zecharya ben Rachel
Zecharya Yisrael Dov ben Fayge Chaya
Zev ben Chaya Esther
Adina Chana bat Tzipora Enid
Ahuva bat Rachel
Aidel bat Chana
Aliza bat Miriam
Alta Moriah Chana bat Galit
Anya bat Bluma
Avigayil bat Michal Leah
Avigayil Shiri bat Rachel Leah
Basha Avigayil bat Etel Freida
Batya bat Chaya Miriam
Batya bat Leah
Batya bat Sara
Bracha bat Ronit
Bracha Shaindel bat Fayge
Chagit bat Yaffa
Chana bat Raizel
Chana bat Sara
Chana Chaya bat Paula
Chana Fayge bat Frada
Chana Leah bat Sara Gittel
Chana Lirit bat Rachel Leah
Chana Yehudit bat Gittel Marciella
Chaya Fayge Mirel bat Esther
Chaya Leah bat Gittel
Chaya Leah bat Golda
Chaya Michal bat Vivian (Hadera Bus bombing)
Chaya Necha Shaiva bat Chana Bayla
Chaya Rachel bat Fradel
Chaya Rachel bat Rusha Sara
Chaya Rachel bat Sara Leah
Chaya Raizel bat Sara
Chaya Raizel bat Sara Toba
Chaya Yehudit bat Tilah Rivka
Clerel bat Blima
Daniella Meira bat Fayge Dina
Devorah bat Esther
Devorah bat Sara
Devorah Miriam bat Masha
Devorah Sara bat Shayna
Dina bat Batya
Dina bat Chana
Dina bat Chaya
Dina bat Malka
Dina bat Rivka
Eliezra bat Rachel
Elisheva Sara Ariel bat Henya
Ella Chaya bat Esther
Esfira bat Mira
Esther bat Jahan
Esther bat Sanovar
Esther bat Shoshana
Esther Masha bat Fayge Dubba
Esther Sara bat Miriam
Esther Sheva bat Sara
Esther Shifra bat Chana Devorah
Esther Yehudit bat Sara Raizel
Fayge bat Esther
Fayge bat Sara
Fradel bat Raizel Nechama
Freida bat Sara
Freyda Taibel bat Leah
Gabriella Leba bat Daphna Miriam
Gal Chaya bat Keshet Efrat
Gila bat Ofra
Gila bat Rachel
Gittel bat Raiza
Hanna bat Chanita
Henya bat Devorah
Hesha bat Basha
Ida bat Chana
Ilana bat Dana (terrorism victim in Israel)
Itta bat Chana
Kayla bat Rivka
Keshet bat Tasha Malka
Ketura Gila bat Arrielle
Leah bat Bela
Leah bat Maltza
Leah bat Sara
Leora bat Shlomit (Kfar Darom bus bombing)
Liat bat Rivka
Liba bat Devorah
Liba bat Leah
Liba Gabriella bat Leah
Luna bat Mazal
Malka bat Sara
Malka Nechama Chaya bat Pessel
Malka Ranla bat Chaya Leah
Margalit bat Sara
Margalit Shoshana bat Rachel Nosrat
Maryasha bat Musha
Masha bat Leah
Masha Aba bat Frayda
Masha Fayge bat Shaindel
Masha Yocheved bat Sara Rivka
Michal bat Chana Ami
Michal Ilana bat Etta
Min bat Sima
Mindel bat Chaya Gittel
Miriam bat Sara
Miriam bat Svetlana
Miriam Zehava bat Bayla
Mohatram bat Rachel
Monique bat Sara (terrorist victim in Israel)
Moosha Ita bat Chaya Rachel
Nava Rachel bat Esther Minna
Necha bat Devorah
Nechama bat Malka
Nechama Naomi bat Miriam
Nesha bat Nechama
Noga bat Ilana (terrorism victim in Israel)
Nurit bat Batya (Kfar Darom bus bombing)
Orit bat Noga (Kfar Darom bus bombing)
Patricia Anne bat Irene
Perel bat Liba Itta
Perel bat Sara Rivka
Perel Ella bat Elka Rivka
Pesha bat Devorah
Pessa bat Royza
Rachel bat Chana
Rachel bat Golda
Rachel bat Liba
Rachel bat Sara (terrorist victim in Israel)
Rachel bat Yehudit (terrorism victim in Israel)
Rachel Chaya bat Chana
Rachel Leah bat Batya
Rachel Leah bat Sara
Rachel Rivka bat Dina
Raizel bat Haisel
Raizel Chaya bat Bluma
Reva bat Myra
Rivka bat Chaya Raizel
Rivka bat Sara Liba
Rivka bat Vita
Rivka bat Yehudit
Rizula bat Hanula
Ronit bat Bracha
Ruchama Liba bat Chaya Batya
Ruchama Rivka bat Bracha Leah
Ruchama Rivka Aviva bat Bryna Charna
Ruchama Yocheved bat Kayla
Rudgia bat Shaindel
Ruth bat Tamar
Samantha bat Sara
Sara bat Sara Rivka
Sara bat Tzivia
Sara Bracha Devorah bat Yocheved
Sara Hinda bat Frida
Sara Malka bat Chaya Devorah
Sara Sasha bat Shayna
Sasha bat Feigeleh
Segal bat Etti (terrorism victim in Israel)
Shaindel bat Royza
Shalev bat Sigal
Shayna bat Fraida Rivka
Shayna bat Rachel
Shifra bat Fruma
Shifra bat Shayna Malka
Shosha bat Fraida Rivka
Shoshana bat Tzirel (terrorism victim in Israel)
Shoshana Eliana bat Chaya Shayna
Shulamit bat Chaya Buna
Shulamit bat Tzivia
Sima bat Rachel
Sima bat Ronya
Simcha bat Malka
Simcha Gittel bat Chana Bracha
Tamar bat Aliza Raphaela
Tamar bat Rivka
Tehilla bat Naomi
Tehilla bat Noga (Kfar Darom bus bombing)
Tova bat Shayna
Tova Miriam bat Rivka Yonah
Tova Tzipora bat Malka
Tzipora bat Chana
Tzipora bat Sara
Tzipora bat Yocheved
Tzipora Enid bat Ettel
Tzirel Liba bat Chana
Tzirel Nechama bat Chaya Sara
Tzivia bat Talya (terrorist victim in Israel)
Tzvia Tamar bat Sara
Yacha bat Batya
Yael Devorah Malka bat Gilbert
Yael Ra'anan bat Dina
Yaffa Zelda bat Tzipora
Yehudit bat Chava Chana
Yehudit bat Sara
Yetta bat Breindel
Yitty bat Chaya Miriam
Yocheved bat Chaya Rachel
Yocheved bat Elka
Yocheved bat Rivka
Zehava bat Chana

Thank you for your continued interest in Project Genesis, and may all the names on our list see a very speedy healing.

Yehuda Poch,
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