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Words and Deeds

by Berel Wein

The wise rabbis of the Mishna, in the book of Avot, stated: "Wise men, be careful with your words, lest your students misinterpret your words!"

Words can kill and words can heal. The correct use of correct words is an essential requirement of responsible leadership and educational projects. The past century has shown us how the skillful use of words and propaganda can create situations of violence, terror and destruction. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin created their malevolent empires on words that, tragically for all, turned into deeds. To a great extent Hitler was defeated in World War II by the words of Churchill and Roosevelt that translated themselves into the might and commitment to win of the Allied powers. By calling the Soviet Union "the evil empire," Ronald Reagan hastened its demise.

Plain, hard talk, the unvarnished truth, is a potent weapon, just as the "big lie" and mealy-mouthed obfuscations of truth are also a very dangerous and potent weapon.

The Arab world and its anti-Semitic fellow travelers in Europe, the UN and the world media have, over the past half century, engaged in a continued campaign of lies, distortions, incitements to violence, and justification of unspeakable terror atrocities. The textbooks of the Arab world deny Israel's real existence, let alone its right to exist. The reviving of the blood libel canard, the denial of Jewish historic attachment to the Temple Mount and the Land of Israel itself, the portrayal of Israel as an "occupying power" has been accepted as fact in the Arab world.

It is the acceptance of these lies, of the hateful false words of the Friday sermons of the imams, that precludes any type of peace - even a cold one - in the Middle East. Words lead to deeds. The Arab lies have led to the wave of terror that threatens us and all of the Western world.

What is most distressing is that many of these lies have been accepted and abetted by the naive Israelis and Jews who rewrite our past to fit their current theories of political correctness. These Jews internalize the false accusations of our enemies and give them credence.

This type of phenomenon occurred in the 19th century when the anti-Semitic czarist government constantly accused the Jews of being "parasites," "exploiters," "traitors" and "unpatriotic." Thus, after a period of time, the Jewish leftists, the extremist members of the haskala ("enlightened ones"), and the small but publicly influential number of assimilated Russian Jews took up this call and also accused their fellow Jews of these failings, and echoed the "truth" of the charges of the hateful and hating Russian government.

After the Communist Revolution, the Yevsektzia (the active Jewish section of the Bolsheviks' terror apparatus) continued to push these charges against their fellow Jews, especially against the unenlightened Orthodox Jews and the traitorous Zionists.

After the Holocaust, there were Jews who somehow blamed the victims - some of Hitler's accusations against the Jews were "justified," "they went like lambs to the slaughter instead of resisting," and other such blather - and attempted to share if not even to shift the blame.

I am most disturbed to hear the disgraceful and false 19th century accusatory words being used in our own Knesset by Jewish politicians against entire sections of the Jewish population. Shame on them. Words can kill. Be careful what you say!

The leaders of all sections of our society should learn not to accept and repeat the lies of our enemies. We are not colonialists or occupiers. The Arabs have refused every opportunity to come to a reasonable settlement of the Arab-Israeli "dispute." We did not cause the War of Independence or the Six Day War or the Yom Kippur War or the Gulf War. The Arab world is well aware that it can achieve a generous peace with Israel. But as long as it continues its terror of deeds and words it signals to all of us that it does not wish to end the "dispute." It wants to destroy Israel - all of Israel from Neturei Karta to fervent Zionists, from the Left to the Right, from Peace Now to Kach.

As long as this is the purpose of the Arab world, and is continually expressed in its words and deeds, all of the peace plans, cease-fire arrangements, retired generals and European do-gooders are non-starters. We cannot only benefit from "seven days of non-terrorism." We can also benefit from seven days of silence and non-incitement.



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