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Spam? Not Us!

  Project Genesis, Inc.
17 Warren Road, Suite 2B
Baltimore, MD 21208
Dear Friends,

The practice of sending uninvited email to thousands of people is called "spamming." It takes advantage of other people and their Internet connectivity, essentially forcing the recipients to pay for the sender's advertising message. Spamming is one of the most universally detested practices on the Internet, and for good reason.

Recently, a spam appeared which was new and noteworthy from our perspective. The sender did not send an advertisement, but was rather attempting to send a "religious" message. The spammer sent a long tirade, regards from Mt. Zion, and a list of about 10 web sites -- one of which was ours.

Let's be very clear: the spammer was not affiliated in any way with Project Genesis. We don't know who sent the message, and do not host any site or page on behalf of the spammer.

We were the third site on the list given, and obviously in a 'side reference.' We are based in Baltimore, MD, not Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, and a careful reader may have discerned that we quite likely knew nothing about the spam until we ourselves received it. That discerning reader would be correct.

Project Genesis, http//, does not spam, wasn't responsible for the message sent, and doesn't know who sent it. Were it otherwise, we'd be moving fast to terminate the user's web pages. Project Genesis has zero tolerance for spam.

Yours truly,

Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Director, Project Genesis Home

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