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Yom Kippur

A Fast –Fast Day

By Rabbi Label Lam

The open door
As the blink of an eye
Is Yom Kippur
Let’s ask ourselves, “Why?”

While HASHEM tends ear
To discern our mumble
What does He hear?
But a stomach’s grumble

So we dawdle away
With idol- chatter
Such an awesome day
Of grievous matter

Till the winds of time
Slam air tight
The Shaare’ Shemaim (Gates of Heaven)
Yom Kippur Night

But with one great sigh
Before it’s too late
A tear drenched eye
Might rust that gate

And cause a brief pause
In that second while
We plead our cause
For a fast reconcile

In that last instant pinch
The closing while
We yield an inch
He grants a mile

Now, measure the worth!
Acknowledge the wrong!
Why on earth
Do we wait so long?

With one full day
By an open door
If we’d start to pray
We’d achieve much more!

DvarTorah, Copyright © 2007 by Rabbi Label Lam and



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