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Chapter 120:5
The Counting of the Omer

5. [In some Ashkenazic communities, it is customary to recite a liturgical hymn, referred to as a "ma'arovis", in the evening service of a Yom Tov (festival). There is a different hymn for each festival. If the festival falls on Shabbos, however, these hymns are not recited.]

Generally, if the first day of a festival falls on Shabbos, the ma'arovis which would have been recited on the first night is recited on the second night. Pesach, however, is an exception to this principle, because the ma'arovis of the second night describes the harvesting of the grain to be used for the Omer Offering, which was carried out on that night. Therefore, on the second night of Pesach, its own ma'arovis is recited even if the first night of Pesach falls on Shabbos.

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