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Chapter 128:16
The Month of Elul

16. It is customary to annul our vows on the day preceding Rosh HaShanah (1) (There is a Biblical allusion to this practice - the final letters of the words "Lo Yachel D'varo, K'chol..." ["He should not break his word..." - Numbers 30:3] form the name of the month Elul.)

A person who does not understand the Hebrew text should recite the declaration in a language which he understands (2).


(1) The annulment of vows ("Hataras Nedarim") must be performed in the presence of as least three adult males, who serve as judges. In certain communities, it is customary to seek a court of ten.

(2) The text for the anullment of vows can be found in all prayer books.


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