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Chapter 135:2
Dwelling in the Sukkah

2. One must treat the sukkah with dignity, so that one will not view mitzvos as being cheap ("shelo tihye mitzovs bezuyos alav"). Therefore, one should not bring utensils that are not dignified ("einom mechubadim") into the sukkah. [This includes] pots, a jug used to draw water, the receptacles used to store flour, a kneading trough, a large kettle, a frying pan, a mortar, and the like. Similarly, one must remove plates after one has eaten. Glasses and other drinking utensils may be left in the sukkah.

It is customary not to bring an earthenware candleholder into the sukkah, because it can become disgusting ("mo'us"). Similarly, one should not carry out any disrespectful activity [in the sukkah], for example, washing pots or plates. One may, however, rinse cups. It is certainly forbidden to urinate in the sukkah. [This applies] even if one urinates into a receptacle, and even if one usually does so inside one's home (that is, into a receptacle). Sexual relations are permitted in the sukkah, because the essence of the mitzvah, is [that a] person [should dwell in the sukkah] together with his wife (as they would in the house).

The sukkah is not disqualified if one brings utensils that are not respectable into it. One should not, however, recite the blessing [for the mitzvah of sitting in a sukkah] "leisheiv ba'sukkah," until one removes them.

[Editor's note: we have skipped halachos 3 through 6 of this chapter]


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