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Chapter 141:17
Laws of the Megillah

17. On Shabbos (which is not Purim (1)) it is permissible to handle a Megillah scroll (2). However, if Purim is occurring on a Sunday, one should not bring the Megillah to synagogue on Shabbos (that is, the day before Purim), even in a city which has an "Eiruv" (3), because it would be considered [a violation of the prohibition of] preparing on Shabbos for a weekday.


(1) Purim never occurs on Shabbos.

(2) That is, it is not "Muktzah."

(3) An "Eiruv" is an enclosure consisting of a series of poles or the like, with wire or string pulled tight over the top of them. It turns the area enclosed by it (sometimes even a number of neighborhoods), into a private domain ("Reshus HaYochid"), thereby permitting carrying within it on Shabbos.


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