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Chapter 47: 4-6
Laws Pertaining to Wine

4.Cooked food into which wine was mixed, but is not recognizable [as an independent entity] does not become forbidden when touched by a non-Jew. This applies even when it has not boiled.

5. Diluted wine - i.e., wine diluted to the extent that there is six times as much water as wine - [is no longer subject to these prohibitions]. The wine is considered as nullified, and the mixture is not forbidden if touched by a non-Jew. However, raisin wine - i.e., wine created by pouring water over raisins - is considered wine.

6. Temed - i.e., water which is poured over grape seeds and wine dregs - [is governed by the following rule:] as long as the resulting mixture is tasty enough to be drunk, it is subject to the same prohibitions.

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