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Chapter 49: 4-6
The Blessings for Wine

4. When one eats bread, it is considered to be the mainstay of one's meal, and it is not necessary to recite blessings over most other foods. Similarly, with regard to wine, if a person sits down with the intention of drinking wine as primary beverage, it is not necessary to recite a blessing before or after other beverages.

This applies only when the other beverages were before him when he recited the blessing over the wine, or, at least, he had the intention of drinking them then. However, if the other beverages were not before him and he had no intention of drinking them [when he recited the blessing], it is questionable whether or not he must recite a separate blessing over them. Therefore, it is preferable to refrain from drinking them until after reciting a b'rochoh achronoh over the wine. Alternatively, one may recite the blessing shehakol on another food, with the intention that it cover these beverages as well.

5. If he did not sit down with the intention of drinking wine, but rather drank wine incidentally [different rules apply]. Surely, if he did not have the intention of drinking other beverages, he is required to recite a blessing before partaking of them.*

* {According to the Shulchon Oruch HoRav 174:4 and the Mishnoh B'rurah 174:3, if the other beverages were before one when he recited the blessing on wine, they are included in that blessing and do not require a separate blessing of their own.}

Nevertheless, a question remains regarding the b'rochoh achronoh: Are the other beverages covered by the blessing al hagefen, which is recited for the wine, or are they not covered? Accordingly, in such a situation, it is proper to eat a fruit, and, when reciting the blessing borey nefoshos after it, to have in mind to include also the other beverages.

6. When a person who recites kiddush on wine and has in mind also to drink other alcoholic beverages or coffee, it is questionable whether or not they are included in the blessing recited for the wine. Therefore, one should have in mind not to include them. Nevertheless, [rather than recite the blessing shehakol over these beverages,] it is proper to eat some sugar and, when reciting the blessing for it, have in mind to include these beverages.

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