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Chapter 22: 1-3
Laws Pertaining to Tachanun

1. After the Shemoneh Esreh, one recites prayers of supplication, referred to as Tachanun while "falling on one's face;" [i.e., leaning downward and covering one's face with one's arm]. It is improper to talk about mundane matters between the Shemoneh Esreh and Tachanun.

2. In the morning service, because of the tefillin worn on the left arm, one leans to the right out of respect for the tefillin. In the afternoon service, one leans to one's left.

3. One should lean and cover one's face while seated. However, under difficult circumstances, one may do so while standing. After Tachanun, we recite the passage Va'anachnu lo neda'. Its recitation should be begun while seated, and at the phrase mah na'aseh, we should rise.

   Laws Pertaining to Tachanun
Paragraphs 4-6
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