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Chapter 84:6-7
Laws of Carrying: Clothing & Jewelry

6. A person who is shackled in chains may go out [to the public domain on Shabbos] while wearing them (1).

7. It is forbidden to go out wearing stilts that are used for walking through mud and water (2).


(1) The chains are considered an extension of one's body, and thus are equivalent to clothing. Furthermore, one can assume that the chains have been put on tightly, and there is thus no concern that they will fall off in the public domain, and end up being carried (Mishna Berura 301:19).

(2) Stilts are not considered "regular" footwear ("Derech Malbush"), and therefore are not the equivalent of clothing; wearing a mask in the public domain would also be forbidden for the same reason (Mishna Berura 301:20)

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