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Chapter 85:6-7
Fire Breaking out on Shabbos

6. One may rescue (from a fire on Shabbos) the book bag (1) along with the [sacred] book (2), and the tefillin bag along with the tefillin.

7. A Torah scroll should be rescued before all other sacred books.


(1) That is, the bag which acts as a cover for the book.

(2) As we saw in HY 85:5, all sacred texts, whether written or printed, may be saved from a fire or flood. They may even be carried to a courtyard or alleyway into which it would be generally forbidden to transfer them due to the lack of an "eruv [chatzeros]." This leniency applies only if [the courtyard or alleyway] was constructed in a way that would allow for an "eruv chatzeros" or a "shituf m'vo'os." It is permitted to use a gentile to save sacred texts, even if he will carry them through a public domain

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