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Chapter 90:15
Non-Melacha Prohibitions

15. Even if a Gentile comes on his own volition to perform a forbidden labor for a Jew on Shabbos, the Jew should protest. Therefore, if a Gentile wishes, on Shabbos, to remove charred matter from candles belonging to a Jew so that they burn better, it is necessary for the Jew to protest (1).


(1) The Mishna Berura (307:76) disagrees with this approach, and rules that in a situation where there is some light without the assistance of the Gentile, a Jew may even hint to the Gentile that he needs the candle adjusted, by saying something like "this candle is not burning well" or "I can't read next to this candle which contains too much charcoal." Although it would be difficult, since the Jew could have used the dim light of the candle to read before the Gentile came to assist, using the brighter light created by the Gentile's action, is not considered benefiting from the work of a Gentile performed for a Jew on Shabbos (which would otherwise be prohibited).

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