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Summary of The Haftorah:

Haftorah Acharei Mos - Kedoshim
Amos 9:7

This week's Haftorah is from Amos chapter 9, and is the Haftorah for Acharei Mos. The basic theme of the two Parshios is the responsibility of the Jews to maintain a life style of Kedusha - holiness that sets them apart from all the other nations and grants them the right to live in Eretz Yisroel. Amos the Navi began by chastising the Bnai Yisroel for being no better than the Pilishtim or the Arameans. They too were saved from oppression and enslavement but did not cherish the opportunity that G-d had granted to them.

Amos began his prophesies in 3115 - 646 b.c.e. when Yeravam ll extended the boundaries of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) and under whose reign the kingdom of Israel flourished. Yeravam attempted to banish Amos from the kingdom because of his prophecy that Yeravam's kingdom would not last. Amos criticized the kingdom for persecuting the poor and immersing themselves in materialism and luxury.

Amos told the Jews that primary destruction would be directed against the leaders of the kingdom while the populace would be driven into exile. His presentation painted the exile of Israel as an act of preservation and kindness on G-d's part. Verse 9:11 is the verse that we add to the grace after meals during Succos that prophesies the rebuilding of the Davidic dynasty. The final words of Amos prophesy the coming of Mashiach and the return to Eretz Yisroel.

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