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Summary of The Haftorah:

Haftorah Ki Sisa
Melochim I - 18:1

This week's Haftorah relates the famous story of Eliyahu on Mt. Carmel. Around the year 3021 - 740 b.c.e. King Achav and his wife Ezevel ruled the 10 Tribes with an iron fist advancing the worship of idols throughout the kingdom. Eliyahu, the fearless servant of G-d, challenged Achav's hold on the people by demanding a showdown on Mt. Carmel between himself and the false prophets of the Baal. The scene is one of the more spectacular events recorded in the Navi. Eliyahu, displayed absolute trust in Hashem and challenged the false prophets of the Baal to a public refutation. In the end, just as Moshe's return proved the falsehood of the Golden Calf, so too, Eliyahu proved the falsehood of the belief in the Baal.

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