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Hilkhot T'fillah (Laws of Prayer)

  1. Hilkhot T'fillah: Introductory Shiur
  2. Hilkhot T'fillah: Header
  3. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:01: Defining T'fillah
  4. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:02, Part 1: Women's T'fillah Obligation
  5. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:02, Part 2: The Threefold Structure of T'fillah
  6. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:03: The Role of Request in T'fillah
  7. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:04: The Order of Bakashot (Part I)
  8. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:04: The Order of Bakashot (Part II)
  9. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:05-06: The 3 Daily T'fillot: Sources and Considerations
  10. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:07-08: T'fillat Ne'ilah
  11. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:09: T'fillat N'davah
  12. Hilkhot T'fillah 1:10: Public T'fillat N'davah (Yahrzeit Shiur for Rabbi Soloveitchik zt"l)



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