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"The Way of G-d"

Part 1: "The Fundamental Principles of Reality"

Ch. 4: "Human Responsibility"

Paragraph 6

Though it hadn't been our practise to do this till now, we're about to offer an entire paragraph from "The Way of G-d" verbatim. We do that here because we contend that the paragraph serves as a singularly vivid and pithy statement of the meaning of life written out plain.

We'll cite it and offer *some* commentary-- but far too little. Because, the truth be known, this paragraph merits a book's worth of observations. And thatís obviously beyond the scope of this work.

A faithful student of truth and wisdom would do well to safeguard this paragraph for him or herself, and to set it aside in a cozy spot close to the heart. For what Ramchal is about to offer is a gift outright-- a veritable memory of realizations the soul had before entering the world.

If you find yourself somehow not taken by what's stated in this paragraph, then youíd do well to reconsider your vision of the ideal life. And to wait perhaps five years before you read it again. In fact, we ourselves have read it again and again for a couple of decades now, and have always been bedazzled by the brush with ultimate truth that it is.

Recall again that this statement is offered on the heels of our discussion about our inner and outer conflicts, about the great sway physicality holds over us, about the challenges presented us by that situation as well as the great spiritual victory it allows for, and about the great remedy for all that which is the mitzvah system. And recall too that this paragraph sits in the midst of the chapter that focuses upon "Human Responsibility".

The quote: "The root of Divine service lies in your constantly engaging yourself with your Creator and comprehending that you were created to attach yourself onto G-d, and were placed in this world to prevail over your 'yetzer harah', subjugate yourself to G-d through reason, overturn your physical cravings and inclinations, and to apply all your activities to this end without ever wavering from it."

Bit by bit it goes as follows.

"The root of Divine service..."-- what life is, all in all, is service to G-d rather than to self.

That service "lies in your constantly engaging yourself with your Creator". For unbeknownst to most, we're to foster an intimacy with G-d thatís rooted in catching sight of Him and hearing out what He says all the time.

After all, "you were created to attach yourself onto G-d", at bottom-- nothing else. Everything else we do is either ancillary or disruptive.

And "you were placed in this world" specifically, where things get done and where goals are met,...

"to prevail over your 'yetzer harah'" which is to say, to set self in hand, overcome all inner and outer indulgences, and charge forward despite other promptings.

And to then "subjugate yourself to G-d" rather than to glitz, "through reason" rather than whim....

to "overturn your physical cravings and inclinations" in your quest for closeness to G-d...

To "apply all your activities to this end" alone, which is your supreme mission after all; and to do that "without ever wavering". For a goal is a goal; and alacrity and dedication alone is what leads us to it.

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