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"The Way of G-d"

Part 3: "The Soul, Inspiration, Prophecy, and the Supernatural"

Chapter 2: "Theurgy"

Paragraph 4

We learned that there are indeed ways for us to transcend the physical and to suspend the limitations that space, time, and natural phenomena place on us. And to thus experience the spiritual realm up close and commune with the usually unknowable while here on earth.

But no one can bypass *all* physical limitations. For just some of them can be "waived" in order to fulfill G-d's plan for humankind. And even those that can be, can only be waived so far and no more. Because supernatural phenomena are bound by laws, too -- albeit their own exceptional sort. (For despite contemporary scientific thinking, there's no such thing as chaos -- only unfathomable and quirky *guided* newness.)

In any event, those who are ready to (thanks to their status and training) can avail themselves of these phenomena in ways we'll go on to explain.

This series is dedicated to the memory of Yitzchak Hehrsh ben Daniel, and Sarah Rivka bas Yaakov Dovid.

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