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"The Way of G-d"

Part 4: "Divine Service"
Ch. 3: "The Love and Fear of G-d"
Paragraph 2

While fearing and standing in awe of G-d does indeed draw us close to Him, nothing adheres us onto His Being more surely and abidingly than loving Him. For the love of G-d infuses our soul with mystical vigor and swathes it in Divine light.

And most importantly, our hearts come to be awash in happiness and inner quickness when we love G-d; and all we want to do is exactly what He wants us to, no matter what it takes.

But not only does love and reverence for G-d bind us to Him and bathe us in holiness and in His Light. The kind of sure and palpable faith in His Presence and sovereignty that we're all capable of cultivating does, too; as does trusting in His decisions in our lives.

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