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The Way of G-d

Part 4: "Divine Service"
Ch. 4: "Shema Yisroel and Its Blessings"
Paragraph 6

So, let's sum up all we manage to declare and accomplish when we recite just the very first verse of "Shema Yisroel" (i.e., "Hear O Israel! G-d our L- rd is one G-d") wholeheartedly and in full faith.

We affirm G-d's oneness in all its facets, we accept the yoke of His Kingdom upon ourselves and proclaim His sovereignty over all of creation, and we resolve to give up our life if we have to in order to sanctify His Name.

As a consequence (and on an as-for-now covert way), G-d bolsters His sovereignty over all of creation, which then debases and vanquishes the forces of evil, and strengthens goodness. G-d then manifests His presence throughout creation and enables it to be perfected, and everything needed to allow for full universal excellence is bestowed as creation is granted all the illumination and holiness it needs.

Now let's go on the explain the implications of the next verse of "Sh'ma Yisroel", the paragraphs that follow it, and the blessings we offer before and after reciting it all.

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