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Parshios Matos & Masei

From the Depths of Your Heart

By Rabbi Chaim Flom

"We all davened (prayed) for that sick boy; so why is Yaacov still davening?"

"Before Yaacov davens for a sick person, he thinks about the pain and suffering of that person and his family. That makes his prayer more powerful."

When Moshe sent 12,000 soldiers out to battle (Bimidbar 31:4) he also had 12,000 other soldiers pair up with them to daven for them (Bimidbar Rabba 22:3). Rav Yerachmiel Chusid of the Mirrer Yeshiva asks why was it necessary to have special people davening, wasn't everybody praying? He answers that the more attached one is to the one he is praying for, and the closer one is to the danger, the greater the depths of his prayers.

Do your prayers emanate from the depths of your heart??

Have a great Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom



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