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Parshas Shlach

Spies and Slander

"Why didn't you tell me about her problems when I asked you??" asked Yitzchak, who got divorced a month after his wedding.

"I didn't want to speak loshon harah (slander)."

"I thought marriage would cure her."

Rashi asks "Why is the section of the Torah about the spies next to the section of Miriam? To teach us that even though Miriam was punished for speaking loshon harah against Moshe, they didn't learn a lesson, and spoke bad about the land of Israel." (Bimidbar 13:2) Loshon harah is saying something bad when you shouldn't say it. When you should say it, you must !!

"Death and life are in the power of the mouth." (Mishlei 18:21)

Have a great Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom



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