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Parshas Vaera

Time to Think

"I know he gave me an important message, but thank G-d, I've been so busy with my daughter's wedding, I haven't been able to think about it yet."

"And Moshe spoke to Bnai Yisroel, but they didn't listen to him because of shortness of spirit and hard labor." (Shemos 6:9) So often, we have thinking to do, and improvements to make, but we are too busy.

The Gemarah in Sota (5b) says "Those who deliberate their paths in this world will be worthy to witness the salvation of G-d." Just the contemplation itself is an essential part of our victories in life!!

Have a great Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom

Text Copyright 2008 by Rabbi Chaim Flom and



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