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The Path of the Just

Ch. 11 (Part 12)

By Rabbi Yaakov Feldman

We’d also need to be on guard when it comes to our Shabbos observance. As, while it’s delightful because of its special meals; because it helps recharge the workaday spirit, thaw the cold everyday heart, and relax our racked and stretched mundane bodies; and because of the palpable holiness it grants us when done in the right spirit, Shabbos nonetheless has an ironic edge to it.

It oftentimes tease us into wanting to return to the rush and tumble, paradoxically enough. As if a measure or two of rest and relaxation is bound to make us restless and ill-at-ease!

As Ramchal puts it, “what’s most difficult for many to observe” when it comes to Shabbos “is refraining from conducting business or talking about work” in the course of it -- as they often seem to be “just itching” to get back to work, as the expression goes.

But the truth of the matter is that “whatever is forbidden to do on Shabbos can’t be started or spoken of on the Shabbos either”, and so we wouldn’t get our clothes ready for the next day, for example, or speak to others about our plans for the week ahead.

The point is that the same impetus we had to finally make it to Shabbos when we could relax and luxuriate in the soul’s needs should drive us to linger in Shabbos and to savor it.

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