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"The Duties of the Heart"

Gate Six: "Surrendering to G-d"

Ch. 3

Since we already know how to surrender to others' wills (as we saw last time) it would obviously do us well to channel that ability into our service of G-d. So let's see the instances in which we indeed succumb to others, then offer instances in which we already surrender to G-d.

We succumb to others' wishes, for example, when we're ill or debilitated; when we're poor and in need of help; when we owe someone a favor or have to repay a debt; when we're imprisoned or captured; when we come upon personal troubles, etc.

And we indeed succumb to G-d's wishes when we're moved to repent for our sins; when we sense our sins on an even deeper level and fear for our seperation from Him; when we realize our sure mortality and come to appreciate what matters most and to spurn what doesn't matter, etc.

We'll offer other instances in which we're encouraged to surrender our wills next time.

Text Copyright 2004 by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman and



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