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A Chazzan's Kedusha

While the shaliach tzibbur repeats the Shemoneh Esrei, there may be some people who are still in the middle of their silent recitation. These individuals may not speak, and they are obligated to listen to the shaliach tzibbur’s recitation. The shaliach tzibbur should make sure to say the main lines of Kedusha out loud in order that those still in the middle of Shemoneh Esrei may fulfill their obligation.

What complicates matters is that some authorities rule that the shaliach tzibbur should say Kedusha together with everyone else, so that the tefilla is said by a minyan. If those still reciting Shemoneh Esrei are to hear Kedusha, the shaliach tzibbur’s voice must rise above the voices of the congregants. If there are many people in the shul and the shaliach tzibbur does not think he can say Kedusha louder than them all, he should wait until the rest of the congregation has almost finished, and then say these lines of Kedusha (Biur Halacha 125,1).

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