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By Rabbi Daniel Travis

The Zohar reveals how healing results from saying Shema meticulously. Every word attaches itself to its corresponding bodily limb and protects it during that day (Zohar Chadash, Rus ibid.).

How does this work? Shlomo Hamelech tells us: “The Torah is a tree of life for those who grasp it” (Mishlei 3: 18). Torah is life-sustaining and when Shema, which is made up of essential words of the Torah, is said properly, each word attaches itself to one limb, protecting it from all harm (Zohar, ibid.).

In recent years, healthy living has become a major topic on the agenda in our society. People spend enormous amounts of money and time on health foods, vitamins, exercise and doctors who practice natural medicine to help their bodies function properly.

While taking care of one’s health is a Torah obligation, our Sages tell us that saying Shema properly should be an integral part of every Jew’s daily health regimen. It costs nothing and facilitates healing for each of the 248 bodily limbs, while also providing extension of life and protection from all harm.

Reciting Shema properly is the best way to protect our health. Best of all, saying Shema comes with a “Manufacturer’s Guarantee.”

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