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  Tour of the Temply By Rabbi Yoav Elan
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  • Introduction to Tour of the Temple
  • Class 1: Preparing the Temple Mount
  • Class 2: Walls of the Temple Mount
  • Class 3: Gates of the Temple Mount
  • Class 4: The Cheil and the Soreg
  • Class 5: The Women's Courtyard
  • Class 6: Chambers of the Women's Courtyard
  • Class 7: Gates of the Courtyard
  • Class 8: The Courtyard
  • Class 9: Chambers of the Courtyard
  • Class 10: The Altar
  • Class 11: The Butchering Area
  • Class 12: The Antechamber
  • Class 13: The Sanctuary
  • Class 14: The Holy of Holies
  • Class 15: The Tauim and Upper Level of the Sanctuary
  • Chanukah Mini-Series

  • Introduction
  • The Cheil and the Soreg
  • Rebuilding the Altar
  • Finding the Oil
  • The Shape of the Menorah



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