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There are fundamental questions about life, that thinking people, such as yourself, want solid answers for. Questions like "Why did G-d create me?" "What is my purpose?" "Why do I feel a lack of total happiness when I finally achieve a goal like getting a raise? a promotion at work? finishing a delicious steak? winning the lottery? How can I achieve true happiness?"

These questions were addressed centuries ago in a Jewish classic called "Mesilat Yisharim," - "The Path of the Just." Now you can follow the deep truths of this book in a down to earth 21st century style. Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, Director of, has brilliantly adapted the first chapter of "Mesilat Yisharim" in a book called "Stop Surviving Start Living" Sign up for a special 13 segment series that will give you answers in a language and style you will love.

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