Torah-Forum Information File

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Wed, 18 Dec 1996 18:00:25 -0400

Torah-Forum is a list founded to stimulate and facilitate discussion of
traditional Jewish texts and their traditional interpretations. We
offer Torah-Forum for the sharing of insights and information regarding
Tanach, Halacha, Talmud, Midrash and Jewish philosophy worldwide.

Torah-Forum encourages and invites the participation of those from all
shades and flavors of Jewish life. Torah-Forum will discuss the issues
in a straightforward, friendly fashion that can appeal to all those with
an interest in traditional approaches, regardless of their own
affiliations. It will also provide a place in cyberspace where the
curious seeker can slake his or her thirst for information by
interacting with those who have devoted years to serious Torah study.
We would like nothing more than to become an address through which any
Jew can be put in contact with experts in traditional Jewish thought,
while offering scholars an "on-line Bais Medrash" - a house of study where
they will feel comfortable contributing actively to ongoing discussions.

In order to remain within our intended parameters, Torah-Forum will
accept postings only within clearly delimited guidelines:

Torah-Forum will not welcome political discussion.

It will also not be a forum for debate of basic and underlying
traditional Jewish concepts. We will attempt to discuss and
understand the thoughts of those great writers both ancient and
modern who have lived and written within the bounds of Maimonides'
Thirteen Principles of Faith, without opening debate on the
relevance of following those Principles today. The importance of
Torah She-B'al Peh (the oral Law), including halacha, aggada, and
kabbala, should be taken for granted when asking a question or
offering a perspective. The hallowed role of Torah study, and the
wisdom of those who have devoted a lifetime to it, should also be

ON THE OTHER HAND - all respectful comments concerning the
content of Torah teaching are welcome and encouraged. A
question regarding WHY Sefer HaIkarim - the "Book of Central
Principles" lists only three rather than the 13 of Maimonides, is
welcome and encouraged. The key is to discuss the writers and
their opinions in an environment that gives them both honor and

Writers are asked to distinguish between their own opinions and those
found in the traditional literature. Factual claims should always be
supported with citations of source material.

Please also remember to translate Hebrew terms, and to explain all
new concepts for the benefit of beginners to Torah study.

Torah-Forum will not accept any material that violates the Jewish
laws of lashon hora and rechilus, as understood by the moderators.

On behalf of those readers who would like to make printouts, please
do not spell out any name of G-d in full. There are several opinions
about the permissibility of throwing out or erasing the word G*O*D and
other names, so we request this merely on behalf of those readers who
follow the custom to preserve it.

Postings should generally not exceed 25 lines, and rarely if ever
exceed 100 lines. Mailings are issued in digest form, combining several
postings into one mailing.