Reference for Torah notations?

Saul Oresky (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:48:12 -0500

First, I'd like to thank all those who responded to my post concerning the
drash I'd heard about Abraham's "failing" the test. I learned a lot, and
while many must have dismissed the interpretation as being at best from left
field, all replied in a "darchei naom" manner. Mazal Tov!

I am looking for a good reference, either in print or on the Net, for a
detailed explanation of the variances seen in Torah: the kri and ketiv and
other footnoted annotations; the nekudot(dots)above a few words; the
inverted nuns around va'yhi beenso-ah; the larger letters such as the ayin
and daled in Shema; the variations in "typography" such as in Aseret
HaDibrot, Shirat HaYam, and Parshat Haazinu; and in the use of rare trop
signs such as the mercha chfula, yareach ben yomo, karnei parah, and the
slightly more common shalshelet. I need this for my own edification and to
teach future baalei kriah. The nuts-and-bolts reading explanations (e.g.,
kri, ketiv) are the most pressing need, but I'd like to see the other
material, too. I'm afraid the footnotes in the chumash and tikkun are
generally too hard to read and understand.