Something I liked (Parshas Noach)

Moshe Farsi (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 14:44:04 +0300 (MEST)

Shalom to everyone.

I just wanted to share something I liked with you. There is a certain Pasuk
[verse] in Parshat Noah which created this question in my mind:

Is it true that wind causes water to vaporize faster?

I asked several people about their opinion, and without exception, all of
them responded that wind would make no difference in the vaporizatiuon
process. These people were not involved with physics that much. So I
asked a friend of mine who studies mechanical engineering, and he said
that he was not sure and he would ask his thermodynamics professor. He
did ask and came back with an answer that "wind would 'surely' accelerate
vaporization". I asked if this would matter if the weather was cold, and
he said that this aspect of vaporization was not related with temperature
but with pressure.

To cut it short I came up with this conclusion:
If a person says that the statement above is true, he is in one of these
(i) He does not know about physics but he guessed it right. (after all
the chances are fifty-fifty.
(ii)He knows about the subject. He studied it in some course and is sure
about it since he saw its proof.
(iii) He has read the pasuk: "And G-d remembered Noah, and all the living
and animals that were with him in the ark, AND G-D MADE A WIND PASS UPON
THE EARTH, AND THE WATERS RECEDED" , and commented on this pasuk the way
I did.

I don't remember the exact place of the pasuk now.

I would really like to hear about your opinions.

Is it really a nice thing to you?
Is it nonsense?
Anything else.

Kol Tuv

Moshe Farsi.