Re: Women praying with a minyan
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 19:54:53 -0500 (EST)

it definately is a good idea for women to daven with a minyan, especially
on shabbos when she does not have other things to take care of.
a women has an obligation to hear the torah read on shabbos and if she
does not daven with a minyan, she cannot hear the torah read with the
brachos , which is part of the mitzvah.
also, just like there is an idea for men of (1)"be'rov am hadras melech"
(that it is a greater honor for G-d if there are many people all praying
together then if everyone is praying seperatly) and (2) that when you
pray in public (ie - in a minyan) your prayers are more likely to be
answered becuase you have not only your personal merit behind you, but
the merit of everyone praying with you - these ideas also apply to women.
thus, women should daven with a minyan especially on shabbos if it is at
all possible and they should refrain from talking to each other and keep
pace with the minyan.