Equal Interval Reading

Thu, 14 Nov 1996 10:43:42 -0500

Thanks to Yaakov Menken (V2-92) who provided an interesting rebuttal to my
original posting (V2-87). However, his analyses is inconsistant and the
conclusion not supported by his own analyses.

Yaakov corrrectly states that:
>the researchers showed how the removal of only a few letters drastically
>reduced the significance of their results

I have shown based on the Talmud that:
> "vav DeGichon" (VaYikra 10:42) which is supposed to be
>the middle of the Torah in letters, and is off by about 5000 letters

Yaakov concludes:
>Whatever the minor letter differences might be, the data, the Torah we have
>today, cannot be described as "flawed." Despite full awareness of the
>Talmudic statement that we cannot be certain about the presence of certain
>vav and yud characters in the text

A difference of about 5000 letters IS NOT "minor letter diferences", and the
only logical conclusion is the one proposed originally.

Gilad J. Gevaryahu