Re: Women praying with a minyan

Nechama Cox (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 09:48:42 +0000 wrote -
>it definately is a good idea for women to daven with a minyan, especially
>on shabbos when she does not have other things to take care of.

Where do you go for Shabbos? How does the food get on the table there?
How do the dishes get back into the kitchen, and Friday night, cleaned so
they can be used for Shabbos lunch?

While it is forbidden to cook or do "work" on Shabbos, a woman has many
things which must be done on Shabbos. Aside from serving and cleaning for
the three meals, children still need to be fed and dressed, not to mention
entertained. Shabbos is a day of rest, but when there are children and a
household to be maintained, there is no such thing as no "other things to
take care of"

While I do try to get to shul on Shabbos, it is very difficult to juggle
everything that has to be done Shabbos morning, and it is just as easy to
get there during the week, as on Shabbos.

Nechama Cox