Re: Lulav after Succot

gershon dubin (
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 17:01:04 PST

In TF V3#2 the following question was presented:

>What does one do with a Lulav after Succot? Someone told me that there is a
>Minhag (custom) to bring it to Shul and put it on top of the Aron. Where is
>this Minhag from? If one did not do this, is it permitted to throw the
>Lulav away?

Strictly speaking, it is permitted to throw it away, as it is a tashmish
mitzvah (an object without intrinsic holiness used for a mitzvah ) as
distinct from a tashmish kedusha (an object with intrinsic holiness that is
used for a mitzvah such as tefilin, mezuza, etc ). It should not,
however, be discarded in a disrespectful way - hence the custom to put it
on top of the Aron [The Ark in the shul containing the Torah scrolls] which
is not , by the way, very popular with gabbaim [the people in charge of the
shul]. Another minhag [custom] is to keep it until Erev Pesach and use it
for kindling the fire in which the chometz will be burnt - thereby
"recycling" it in a mitzva fashion.