Re: Lulav after Succot

Shoshana Zakar (
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 08:35:09 -0500 asked:
>What does one do with a Lulav after Succot? Someone told me that there is a
>Minhag (custom) to bring it to Shul and put it on top of the Aron. Where is
>this Minhag from? If one did not do this, is it permitted to throw the
>Lulav away?

After the Rabbi I asked about this said that it was acceptable to thoroughly
wrap the lulav (in foil or whatever)and then dispose of it -- that is what I
seem to end up doing with the willows which otherwise shed or get moldy.
The Haddasim I strip into a brandy snifter, add the Esrog (which I've studded
with cloves) and some cinnamon sticks and it makes for a lovely and unusual
"spice box" for Havdalah. (note: during the first week or two it should be
stirred up a little to let the Haddasim dry evenly)

The palm frond is saved and we burn it with the chometz before Pesach.