Re: Souls, where do they go?
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 10:29:27 -0500

Harold Singerman wrote:
>>Where do souls go after death in this life?
>>I am looking for basic (not anecdotal) sources.......

I couldn't help but recall sadly when my father a'h' passed away, at the
moment of death there was this weird presence, something very hard to
describe, but an aura, a feeling of not being alone, afterwards I felt it
was the soul leaving the body - and that it was unsure WHERE to go. That
is why I believe you aren't allowed to leave a person alone when he dies.
The soul is afraid, confused and finding its way. I know this sounds a bit
mystical, but it only strengthed my belief in Hashem and the afterlife. It
made me realize that there really is a soul, and it really has a life force
of it's own seperate from the 'body'. I probably didn't answer your
question, and I'm sure there are references to this somewhere, but if
you've witnessed it, like I have, you just sort of have an acceptance of it.