Re: Reference for Torah notations?
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 21:33:55 -0500

Saul Oresky wrote:
>I am looking for a good reference, either in print or on the Net, for a
>detailed explanation of the variances seen in Torah: the kri and ketiv and
>other footnoted annotations; the nekudot(dots)above a few words; the
>inverted nuns around va'yhi beenso-ah; [etc.]

Two very different suggestions:

1. The 5 volume set "Kvodah shel Torah" by Yisrael Halevi Beri (Kolodner)
includes a discussion of variations in spelling -- e.g. words spelled out
in fuller or shorter forms (mawlay and chosair).

2. The relatively new Tikkun "Tikkun Korim hechadash 'Simanim' " includes
both an abbreviated version of the Minchas Shai (a commentary discussing
the proper text, its vocalization, etc.) and a new commentary "Shita
Mekubetzes" that specifically discusses trope (musical notes) from the
viewpoint of a baal koreh (one who reads from the Torah Scroll for the
congregation in shul), rather than from an interpretive viewpoint. It also
has some very nice features in the way it indicates proper stresses, pauses
in sentences, different trope for similar or identical phrases in nearby
verses, etc. I've used four different tikkunim, and this is definitely my
favorite for reference.

Steve Albert (