Re: Resurrection, Messiah and the Olam Ha-ba

Yosef Y. Kalmanson (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 18:32:44 +0500

David Kaufman wrote:
> I have recently become interested in the debates about the
> resurrection of the dead--whether it will take place on earth after
> the advent of the Messiah or in the world to come, etc. I have
> looked at some sources (in English) such as the Saadia Gaon and
> Rambam. Could anyone direct me to a more comprehensive bibliography > on
this subject?

You might want to read "The Thirteen Principles of Faith" by Rabbi
Nosson Gurary (Aronson Press), and "To Live and Live Again", by Rabbi
Dubov (Sichos in English). Both books are dedicated to the discussion of
Techiyat HaMaisim - resurrection of the dead. "Toward A Meaningful Life"
by Rabbi Simon Jacobson (Morrow) is also a fascinating book with a
chapter on this subject, as well.

Anything else I could do to be of help, feel free to let me know!


Yosef Y. Kalmanson