Re: Lulav after Succot

Mon, 30 Dec 96 12:45 EST

An article entitled "Shamos Guidelines", by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, in the
Fall 5755-1995 issue of Kashrus Kurrents, which is published by the
Orthodox Jewish Council Vaad Hakashrus of Baltimore, begins with the
following general observations: "It is forbidden by the Torah to discard
holy objects, devarim shebikedusha, by throwing them in the trash. Objects
which have been used for a mitzva, although they have no kedusha
[holiness] (of their own), may also not be thrown, as they are, into the
garbage. However, one may burn them or wrap them in plastic and put them
in the garbage. Included in this category are s'chach [the covering] of
the sukkah, Tzitzis, Esrogim, Lulavim, Hadasim, Aravos, and a Talis Bag."