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Jack Fefer (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 19:19:50 EST

In a previous post I discussed my reason for believing there were 2 traits
missing in Klal Yisroel ( the nation of Israel) which had to be
"re-gathered" in order to bring about the Davidic dynasty. I mentioned at
that time I was still unclear about what those 2 traits were, and why they
had to brought down through 2 women ( Tamar & Ruth) from outside the
children of Jacob. With the help of Hashem I have found an answer I would
like to now offer for consideration.

The Mida which was missing and replaced by Tamer was Emes ( truth ) which
can also be described with the word TZEDEK. We see that Yehuda, the
forefather of Dovid Hamelech, and the son by whom all Bnai Yisroel would
ultimately be known ( see the bracha in Parshas Vayicha Yaacov, in which
Yaacov Avinu says " Yehuda, atah yoducha achecha" Judah,you your brothers
shall acknowledge. Indeed, we all are called Yehudim for we are so named
after Judah). Judah sinned in the sale of Joseph, lying to his father when
he brought the K'sones Pasim ( coat of many colors, or lovely cloth ) for
Jacob to identify. Yaacov, in mourning for Joseph those many years lost the
S'china(G-d's presence). The major characteristic of Yaacov was EMES...
truth ( and yet the truth was withheld from him, or he was unable to break
the cherem [ban] the brothers agreed upon. And so Emes departed from the
children of Yaacov... and when Tamer, brought up on charges offered up
Judah's own cloak as proof of the fatherhood of her children, Judah spoke
the following words " Tzodka Mimeni" (she is more righteous than I ). Tamer
brought the Mida of Tzedek =Emes back to Bnai Yisroel.

What then of the second member of Moav who was needed to complete the
genealogical makeup leading to Dovid? Ruth... what did she replace? In Ruth
we find the Mida of Chesed... chesed to her mother in law whom she would
not abandon, though in electing to remain with her she forfeited the life
of leisure and luxury she would have readily been welcomed back to in her
birth family. Instead, she left all behind and followed with Naomi to
return to Eretz Yisroel and ultimately meet Boaz. Whose actions in the
Torah were similar? Who was the Av of Chesed?? Avrohom himself, who
likewise was sent " mayartzecho omoladticha" from the land of your birth
and rearing... to a land I will show you. Avrohom... who while he
recuperated from his own Bris Milah was distraught that he had no guests to
accommodate... so much so that Hashem sent the 3 malachim ( angels) to heal
and lift his spirits.

When then was Chesed lost? Here we enter into the realm of another issue
which has been part of the ongoing dialogs of these forums, The Akeida.
Only at this test does the Torah specify "V'hoElokim Niso" ( and G-d tested
) . Why, if this was the tenth time, does the Torah tell us that he was
being tested? Because this test, this ultimate challenge, forced Avrohom to
directly go against all his natural instincts of Chesed ( charity,
hospitality, goodness, kindness) and assume the most opposing of Sefirot =>
G'Vurah! Against all his own basic instincts Avrohom had to be willing to
sacrifice the son he had waited and prayed for all his life! And with the
assumption of G'Vurah, Chesed departed from the members of Avrohom's
family. Where then did it reside?

Note that when Hashem allowed Lot and his daughters to escape from the
destruction of S'dom, the daughters, thinking they were the last survivors
of the world, took it upon themselves to intoxicate their own father, in
order to re-propagate the world. The act was not a callous lust filled and
irrational one; on the contrary, the daughter who bore a child named him
"Moav!" from my father, (m'av) I have brought life back to the world. This
woman acted from kindness and generosity... the essence of Chesed, if not
so, would the Torah have described in such detail the reasoning of the
daughters? (U'nichayeh Mayovinu Zorah = that we may give life and offspring
through our father) Would it not have described in unfavorable terms the
birth of Moav and Ammon> indeed, we understand from this that there was a
need to add these 2 factors into the world so that in the future their
interaction with Bnai Yisroel would be crucial.

And so it is written in Uvo L'tzion " Titten Emes L'Yaacov, Chesed
L'Avrohom" { you will give Truth to Yaacov, Kindness to Abraham }... why
Titten? Should this not be past tense (Noson= gave)? And why is Issac
totally left out... should there not be "titten Yirah (fear of G-d)
L'Yitzchak in the middle? And why not Chesed first and Emes later, as
Avrohom was the grandfather and the first of the Avos? Because Emes was
restored first to Klal Yisroel through Tamar and her son Peretz, from whom
the Davidic dynasty was destined to come. And Chesed only many years
later.... for Chesed would perhaps have complicated the path at the time
when it was necessary to oust the various nations as Bnai Yisroel reclaimed
their promised land, the land promised to Avrohom, Yitzchak and Yaacov, the
land which Ruth finally came and brought Chesed to... for when it was time
to establish the Malchus (kingdom) of Dovid, and he had to gather all the
tribes back into a full nation, he could not rule justly without the
attribute of Chesed in his court.

With thanks to Hashem for allowing me to find this link of our lifeline

respectfully, Yaacov Fefer