Re: Class Distinction in Judaism

Mon, 30 Dec 1996 22:58:04 EST

I do not think that the best approach to the topic that Alisa Majer
responds to is to attempt to prove that women are "better" than men are.
Men and women have DIFFERENT roles in Yahadus(Judaism). This is not to say
that one role is superior to the other, but rather that the roles are

In response to the quote of "no where is it written that woman can't be
alone"- perhaps that is because when the Torah wrote that it is not good
for man to live alone, he was alone, whereas women never lived alone. On
the other hand, I do not think that the human race would last any longer
with only women and not men, for together they populate the world. At
least that is how I thought it worked.

Is it really true that "whatever men achieve with a minyan, women have it
in themselves?" According to the poskim, ten women do not make a minyan,
let alone one woman. While there are certain aspects of Judaism that a
woman has over a man, such as: that a woman, since she davens by herself,
does it more "Lishma" since there is no desire of Kavod, honor, present at
all, a certain level of Kedusha, that of a tzibbur, is reached when there
are ten males over Bar Mitzvah age present, a level not attained by
1,000,000 children. Is this to say that children are treated unfairly? Of
course not, it is just a "din" in kedusha that requires ten men.

One last point, since when is a mitzvah considered "only a mitzvah?" I
always believed that it a great zechus, merit, to be able to do mitzvos,
the will of the Ribono Shel Olam, the creator of the world.