Los Angeles Times

Steve Weiss (sweiss@Connectnet.com)
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 20:56:09 -0800

I would like to pose a question to fellow readers.
What is your opinion of the article published in the December 29, 1996,
Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times, "When Jews Leave Faith Behind" by
Marjorie Miller? You can find this article at (http://www.latimes.com). I
was perturbed by the negative spin put on the article by a few disenchanted
Jewish people who chose to not leave a "Torah Rich Life". Instead of
showing how happy and joyous a life one can have "within" our religion,
this writer chose to show how "bad" it is. I felt somewhat slapped in the
face and would like to hear the opinions of others on the article listed

Schmuel Yakov Weiss