Re: Thanksgiving

Hank Citron (
Wed, 1 Jan 1997 14:12:25 -0500 (EST)

Rafi Goldsmidt writes about Jews celebrating Thanksgiving and its general
relationship to American Jews:
It should always be kept in mind that this is a non-sectarian
holiday of no religious significance. The original Puritans in 1623...the
first Thanksgiving.....were thanking the Indians not there G-d. We should
not allow in our minds the usurpation of the holiday by some gentile groups
as having some religious signicance since they have now decided to thank g-d
and have written the Indians out of the holiday entirely.
The fact of the matter is clear; it is a national holiday when we
all go "native" by eating uniquely native food given by the Indians on that
day ....such as potatoes, crandbury, turkey etc....These types of food were
not known any other place in the world until introduced to the west by
native Americans to the Puritans. We, as Jews, can partake in all of these
foods....turkey is kosher etc with no overtones of Protestantism or there
G-d which they have sought to interject into a clearly historical feast day
of secular origin.

Haim Citron, Ph.D.