Re: Animals

Yehoshua Kahan (
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 01:28:59 EST

Sonia Bloomfield Ramagem wrote:
>Recently my beloved male dog, Yom, died after drowning in the swimming
>pool while we were sleeping....
>But, most of all, about his "soul" (I don't know what name to give). How
>does the Kabbalah and the sages explain their afterlife? How are animals
>souls dealt with in Judaism?

While I know nothing of the Kabbalah, I do know that in Tractate
Brochos (blessings), we are taught that animals do have souls, and the
proof is that they have emotions. If you like, I will look up the
precise page. Even though it does not, as I recall it, discuss an
"animal afterlife", it seems to me reasonable to assume that if Hashem
would give them souls, that He would arrange for some existence after
their physical deaths, as He does for us.

Yehoshua Kahan