Re: Women wearing pants
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:00:32 -0500 (EST)

This issue as I have read in this site, is getting a little off the mark.
First, to assume that once you "limit"(if you choose to see it that way) a
woman from wearing pants, she will then be required to put a veil on is
ludicrous. Why? Because we do not run around helter skelter making up laws
and customs. The Torah tells us what is tznius (modest) and what is not.
There is no addition to what already exists. Only interpretation. Second,
with regard to "minhag hamukkom" (the custom of the city), the aforementioned
has the din of halakah (the status of law). The issue with "minhag
hamukkom" is how does one establish it. Third, with regard to a woman
wearing pants at all, if you are talking about tight pants that define the
shape of a woman, it is clearly issur (prohibited), just like wearing a
garment that covers, but is sheer or see through. If you are talking about
not "walking in the ways of the non-Jews" or in terms of a woman wearing
pants as an expression of the prohibition of a woman wearing a man's
clothing , its a question and you may want to speak to your Rav or Posek,
if you are having diffuculty with the subject. Finally, The Torah (BH) is
incredibly sensitive to women and really does not strive to subjegate or
diminish women in any way. If a woman or a man is having difficulty
finding this sensibility in the holy Torah, they should strongly be
encouraged to speak to someone about Hasfaka (outlook) and not just read
the stam Halakah (law) and take issue with it. The two go hand in hand.